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This tea is 100% natural, no chemicals or pesticides were used in its production - what you see, smell, and taste - is what you get! This Earl Grey will please the taste of the most discriminating Earl Grey tea drinker. Some say add honey and lemon; some say add milk and sugar; some say drink it without adding anything. You decide!


Named after the 1830's British Prime Minister, Earl Grey is the western world's most popular tea. Earl Grey has traditionally meant any type or blend of tea which is scented with oil of bergamot, a fruit resembling an orange found in the Mediterranean region. Corfu, Greece was the center of the bergamot trade during the same decades it was headquarters for the British Mediterranean fleet, commanded by Lord Grey in London.

Perhaps more than any other tea, Earl Grey appears to have been the beverage of choice for one fictitious character after the next. From James Bond, to Star Trek's Captain Jean-Luc Picard, to Sir Leigh Teabing of the DaVinci code, Earl Grey holds a special place in the world of storytelling.

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